Friday, April 17th 2020

Apr 17, 2020

How we Pivoted with our most recent Campaign Launch.


We launched our latest KILZ Brand campaign as part of a March Madness Kickoff on ESPN at the height of the COVID-19 sports cancellations. In preparation for this launch, we had no idea the beloved basketball tournament would be cancelled. This news and the sweeping change in the media landscape forced us to put the campaign on pause and pivot into a media channel that made sense for the Brand.

Our Paint Loves Primer takeover launched on the same day that the Olympics were postponed and a day after March Madness had been cancelled in its entirety. Traffic to the site was at an all time high, but we asked, was it still a great non-endemic media play? We weren't sure and wanted to be sensitive to the news cycle as well as get the most out of our biggest, single media engagement of the year.

After many conversations and potential alternative avenues for media, our team decided to shift the buy away from ESPN and into HULU for the month of April.

With the country adjusting to working from home or continuing to work in critical positions during the pandemic, people are finding comfort in curling up on the sofa and streaming TV.The HULU partnership was a perfect shift. Our lighthearted, love story between Paint and Primer would surely charm the audience before they binged on Grey's Anatomy, Rick & Morty, or any number of award-winning TV series or acclaimed movies. So far we are seeing great engagement with this buy. In fact, HULU reports that viewing is up 48% YOY for this same time last year and that many of the viewers are tuning into what they are calling, comfort TV, as well as movies and kids programming. In addition to general viewership, binge-viewing on HULU is up 30% from the first week of March.

It may be small, but our hope is that we are able to spread joy and laughter with Paint Loves Primer. I mean, a Paint Can and a Primer Can in a bathtub is enough to make even your great-aunt Petunia smile, right? Decide for yourself by watching Paint Loves Primer.

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