Monday, January 13th 2020

Jan 13, 2020

Wild & Scenic Film Festival to Feature Arcana Academy Non-Profit Work

Jessica Darke, Producer

A year ago we wrote about our resolutions for 2019 and one of them was to launch Balloon Brigade. Balloon Brigade is an agency affiliated non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness around ocean litter, in particular, balloons which are the leading cause of death for sea birds and one of the largest killers of aquatic life. Today, we are proud to report that Balloon Brigade is up and running.

A main initiative of Balloon Brigade is to educate the general public around proper balloon disposal. We aspire to the successes of Don't Be a Litter Bug and Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute.

As a way to enter the conversation, we created a series of limited-edition, art posters which will debut at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival this month in California. We are proud to hang in the ranks of other environmentally-minded artists and activists.

The three, selected art posters are accompanied by the below text.
When traditionally celebratory objects, chiefly designed to bring joy, end up bringing destruction and death instead, there is suddenly a surreal sinisterness to their playful colors and uplifting slogans. That irony and contrast allows them to create a powerful commentary. The three balloons here were removed from the Pacific Ocean by Balloon Brigade.

Balloon Brigade is a 501(c)3 non profit with the mission of removing invasive balloon species from our oceans through direct action, to improve our coastal waters and raise awareness about responsible balloon enjoyment and disposal.

We hope to further spread the message and actively, remove even more balloons from the ocean as we chart our course into 2020.

For all those interested in supporting Balloon Brigade by joining as a member or wearing any one of our limited edition, t-shirts and tanks, visit

For more information on the Wild & Scenic Film Festival visit,

To purchase a limited-edition art poster, please email

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