Thursday, August 15th 2019

Aug 15, 2019

Every Dog is Worth It. A Brand Activation with Paws.

Jessica Darke, Producer

I can remember the time and place the “Every Dog is Worth It” idea was born. We were on set during a photoshoot, literally, we were watching paint dry, and discussing our campaign idea, “Every — Is Worth It.” We created a visual nemonic that utilized simplified room and small furniture transformations. The internal Brand team had lots of love for the Doghouse. Because. Who doesn't love dogs and puppies?? So we started sharing cute puppy photos and dog rescue photos and thought, could we rescue dogs or transform a dog shelter under this umbrella?

It was a typical brainstorming session with ideas ranging from pure stupidity to sheer simplicity and the “Every Dog is Worth It” idea fell squarely into the second category. It was so simple, but would it work. Would the team buy into it?

The idea.

Build a giant dog house and work with influencers and a local puppy shelter to host a dog rescue event. We called the bigger team and in talking with our partners at ICF Next, the idea transformed into an influencer driven tactic with our influencer creating designer doghouses that would be auctioned, all of the proceeds going to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The auction would run for a few weeks, culminating on National Dog Day, August 26th.

We're pleased to see that this idea was brought to life with the original campaign intent kept intact. From the look and feel to the strategic, red-thread of the “Every Project is Worth It Campaign” ringing true for the designer doghouses. Every doghouse is worth using KILZ. Because, Every Dog Is Worth It.

The designer dog houses range from a modern, lifeguard stand to a multilevel brick playhouse, and include interior and exterior designs.

1. Beach House 2. Vegas Vacation 3. The Kennedy 4. The Wesley 5. Prime Pup Time

The Event has already garnered press in feature publications like Dwell and House Beautiful.

Read more about the partnership and bid on the designer dog houses here.

A huge thank you to our internal and external agency partners, including media, pr, digital, and social for working with us to bring this idea to life.

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