Tuesday, August 6th 2019

Aug 06, 2019

Consumers are looking for Connection.

Jessica Darke, Producer

In the United States, there are more conscious consumers today than ever before. Identifying brands and services that we can align ourselves with has become the norm. This is both a PRO and a CON for Brands as it gives Brands a huge opportunity to develop and steward their relationship with consumers based on emotional and rational values. It also creates a rift between those Brands that are choosing to stand for something (anything! Even not caring, if done authentically) and those Brands that are still relying on their product to sell itself in the marketplace.

87% of Americans make purchasing decisions based on a company's belief system. Millennials will even research a company's mission and social responsibility to find a supplier that they can feel good about supporting (DAC Group). Most surprising to those of the older set is that 73% of Millennials will even pay more to purchase a product that comes from a sustainable company (Forbes).

While product quality and distribution were the main two games in decades past for non-commodity products, there is now a need for every product to stand for something more. With increased exposure to a Brand's internal workings and a product benefits, there is demand for a well crafted and publicized Brand story. This story should honestly and authentically communicate the mission and values of the company over the product benefits.

Might sound backward, but the research is showing that there is more demand for value and mission driven communication than traditional, spec-sheet communication. Trust the consumer will find all of the nuts and bolts on their own, lure them in with something they can believe in.

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Illustration by Jay Josue, Arcana Academy designer and illustrator.

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