Thursday, July 25th 2019

Jul 25, 2019

We're growing immune to online advertising.

Jessica Darke, Producer

Just as we've learned to eat more oranges and get our flu shots, ad-blockers and click-to-skip allow us to boost our immunity to digital advertising. The ads that bombard us as part of homepage takeovers or in-between our favorite content on social media, are like that co-worker who constantly sneezes on you, forcing you to use a ton of hand sanitizer and avoid, avoid, avoid like a dip in a shark tank.

Just like sick coworkers, we avoid online advertisements. In fact, the more we see of them, the greater our dislike of them grows. If a consumer sees your ad more than 40 times online, the click through rate will actually go down (The Advertising Research Center).

Brands are catching on to consumer immunity and are revising their tactics. Internet advertising is predicted to slow to a growth rate of only 10% next year. This is the lowest rate since 2001.

Brands are transitioning their spend to more stable and reliable channels, such as billboards, posters, digital and terrestrial radio, as well as TV and digital video. These channels have historically been able to engage and delight customers when and where they are more actively paying attention to the messaging.

Online, we are served more than 1,700 banners per month. The average 30-year-old sees over 2000 digital ads in a standard 30-day cycle. That's between 55 and 70 banners a day. No wonder we can't remember what that one ad with the vacation hotspot was actually for. We are being optically over-run with messaging when we are simply trying to read the news or check our email.

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? If it was by accident or while you were trying to minimize it, you're not alone. Reports show that as many as 60% of the clicks on banners are accidental.

As a country, we are growing ever more immune to online advertising and it is up to the brands and their agencies to evolve toward placing and creating content that touches consumers when and where they are open to engaging.

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Illustration by Jay Josue, Arcana Academy designer and illustrator.

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