Monday, July 15th 2019

Jul 15, 2019

Brand Loyalty is still a thing. And these 10 tattoos prove it.


Branding yourself, literally, with the mark of a company whose values you align with is not a new thing, but it is often not perceived as an activity Millennials or GenZ partakes in. Industry leaders are bemoaning that these younger generations don't care about brands or about logos, that they are driven by price, convenience, and corporate activism.

While that is true to an extent, the following 10 tattoos prove that Millennials are aligning themselves with companies whose values they also believe in. The logos represented here are all brands or products that have origins after 1980 to prove that these tattoos have nothing to do with nostalgia and everything to do with the power of Brand.

A powerful brand and brand story can ink itself permanently into the psyche and body. If anything, Millennials are even more brand loyal than any generation prior. Millennials are seeking a value-centric community (albeit non-traditional) and want to create their own unique, self-identity. They often do this through loyalty to a Brand and form tribes around them (i.e. Crossfit, Soul Cycle, Starbucks, Netflix). Being socially savvy, they like to let everyone else know which brands and products they are using and subscribing to.

Due to increased competition, in almost every space, it might be more important than ever for companies to craft a powerful Brand story. This is where a holistic advertising campaign with deep roots in humanity and strategy can make the difference between permanence and obsolescence.

Photo key: 1. Chiptole 2. Starbucks 3. Siracha 4. Tinder 5. Netflix 6. Facebook 7. Xbox 8. Arcana Academy #wink 9. Beats by Dre 10. Skittles

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