Thursday, May 30th 2019

May 30, 2019

Seriously Now. These are Marketing Mavens.

Jessica Darke, Producer

We often talk about what makes a Brand successful and in doing so have boiled it down to three key elements, what we call the three A's.

1. Authentic connection Creating a conversation with the consumer that invites connection beyond a transaction.

2. Adept use of media Talking to the audience when and where they are listening and actively engaging in content.

3. Adding Value Providing content that charms, inspires, educates, or aids the specific audience in their day-to-day.

Three Brands that are doing this exceedingly well and have the sales to prove it:

Alo Yoga More than just a vendor of athleisure clothing, Alo has evolved into a channel of on-demand Yoga Teachers and classes which consumers can attend at the click of a button through Alo Moves. Alo maintains an active and inspirational presence on social media that, at its core, is an advertisement for specific yoga clothing that transcends the transaction by giving its teachers a platform to share their unique yoga journeys and in turn gives the consumers a way to find someone they can relate to on and off the mat.

Jeffree Star What Jeffree Star started as a You Tube series, where he reviews makeup, has transformed into a platform for reviewing and selling self-branded products. At first read this might sound like a shell, but thanks to the countless hours and sheer passion Jeffree has for makeup and his products in particular, it can make even a non-makeup wearer appreciate the product line and success of the You Tuber.

AirBnB AirBnB disrupted the travel industry by giving consumers an alternative way to look for travel housing. Tapping into the success of peer to peer sharing, AirBnB on one hand encourages individuals to be entrepreneurial and on the other provides travelers with unique accommodations that fit their particular set of needs. In addition to digital, social, and traditional video, AirBnB is also creating its own Magazine that features stories on hosts and homes, as well as tips and tricks for traveling, interior design, and getting the most out of your leisure time with friends and family.

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