Monday, May 20th 2019

May 20, 2019

Arcana Academy Book Club: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Jessica Darke, Producer

Our most recent Arcana Academy Book Club read was Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.
It might be a book about a genius professor who is kidnapped and sent to a parallel universe, but the primary questions in Dark Matter relate to work/life balance and the decisions we make in a lifetime.

Jason and Jason2 are born of the same DNA. They have lived the same choices for more than half of their lives but due to a decision made 14 years ago, their personalities, memories, and life experience are quantumly and qualitatively different.

This is due to the primary fact that Jason2 prioritized work and professional success, and Jason prioritized family and his relationships. At this decision point, the single man split into two. This book asks, “are you living your best life?  Or “is there another you living a life that would be a better existence?”

Dark Matter reminds us of the following life lessons.

Lesson 1. The decisions we make all ladder up to the person we are today. Don't fret about what could have been or what could be, appreciate the moment you are in. It will only last for a second.

Lesson 2. Every interaction we have consequently changes us and the person or persons we interact with. Make each interaction as positive as possible. You never know when you won't see that person again.

Lesson 3. Being the ultimate in your professional field is a choice with a trade-off. The guys and gals at the top have prioritized career. And we are all free to make that decision, this book asks, “do you want to?”

All of the Jasons we encounter in Dark Matter have made slightly different decisions that have affected their innate character and being. These subtle shifts between one version and another are an echo reminding us of the minute decisions that add up to the content of our character.

In sum, this book was a trip (or trips!) to read and I'd recommend it to fans of science-fiction and those who are just looking for a great beach book.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other science-fiction Q2 brings our way!

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