Thursday, May 2nd 2019

May 02, 2019

Let's Bring Back the Commercial Break.


For reasons that have nothing to do with being an advertising producer, I miss traditional commercial breaks. I miss having a window of time that is OK to leave the room for a quick trip to the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. I enjoy being able to have a quick discussion with my partner in cuddle about what just happened, or what we should order for dinner. I like having a quick reprise from the action on action that happens during some of our most loved TV programs (I'm looking at you Game of Thrones).

I think there is an opportunity for streaming providers to give both consumers and advertisers an option to have ads in their content that can actually benefit both parties. Streaming companies must be mulling this over as Hulu recently announced that they will roll out pause advertising, binge viewing, and other "viewer first"advertising options. They will also cap the amount of times you are able to be served the same ad within a day.

If it were up to me, I'd offer customized advertising packages that allow the consumer to choose the way they are served commercials. This would give consumers options like the following.

1. Do you want your ads served 

  • a. At the beginning of the show 
  • b. In 15/20 minute increments 
  • c. At the end of the show 
  • d. In 30/45 minute increments 

2. What category of advertising do you prefer to see? 
  • a. Beauty and healthcare
  • b. Automotive
  • c. Digital services and e-tail
  • d. Electronics
  • e. Travel and leisure
  • f. Home and home renovation

3. Would you rather see 
  • a. 5 x :06 second ads
  • b. 2 x :15 second ads
  • c. 1 x: 30 second ad

Questions like these would allow streaming providers to give consumers the "advertising they want" and brands an audience that is more captive. As advertising actually made products more safe in the 70s and 80s, it can now play a roll in generating awareness and providing solutions to consumers who are actually looking for suggestions when it comes to specific categories.

If most consumers are actively researching products before buying (aprx. 87% ) that is now because the internet allows us to do so and also because there is confusion and a lack of knowledge about the modern marketplace. I say why not infuse brand messaging and education into our entertainment and serve it when consumers have elected it OK.

Let's take back the commercial break and make it useful again.

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