Thursday, September 10th 2015

Sep 10, 2015

Hot Diggity Dog It's National Hot Dog Day


Alright people, this one's for the real Americans. Today we honor the big, the bad, the brat. What was originally an invention of German gastronomy, the hotdog gained popularity among New Yorkers in the late 1800s. Since then it's been a staple of American cuisine.

And just like we took a German dish and made it our own, so did each one of our 50 great states. Our buddies at Delish have put together a list of regionally popular condiments across the United States. So go ahead and celebrate with the hotdog that represents your home turf, or get adventurous and try something new.

Plus, it's after Labor Day and you've hung up those white pants, and if you spill a little mustard or beluga caviar on your jeans, no one's going to see.

Here's to good eatin'. Click here to find your state's hotdog!

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