Tuesday, December 9th 2014

Dec 09, 2014

Arcana Academy is on display at the Musee de Bretagne

Rebecca Sun, Socialite

Advertising sometimes has a funny way of interpreting history, especially when it comes to France.

Case in point: "The History of France Told By Advertising" is a new exhibit showing now through April 2015 at the Musee de Bretagne and features 150 advertising materials tracing the history of France through a gallery of French comedy hero.

We were delighted to say yes when the museum asked Arcana Academy permission to use "Napoleon", a commercial we created for a free video calling website, Oovoo, as part of the collection. You can view the other work we did for Oovoo here.

Check out our video they featured below, and if you are ever in France stop by the Musee de Bretagne!

Oovoo - Napoleon from Arcana Academy on Vimeo.

Caveat: We may not always agree or endorse the opinions expressed on our blog. If something on our blog is polarizing, even if the management of Arcana Academy disagrees with it, we might leave it up. Then again we might not. We'll see how we feel.