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Wednesday, July 1st 2020

Jul 01, 2020

Emotion in the age of Reason

Jessica Darke, Producer

We encourage our clients to connect emotionally with their audiences by telling stories that resonate. This spot from confection maker, Cadbury does a masterful job of it. It tells you everything you need to know about their chocolate, and the people who buy and sell it, while barely mentioning a word about it. A busy mom of humble means hustles to pick up her daughter from school. On their way home, she needs to take a phone call. She permits her daughter to pop into a local convenience store. The little girl tells the shopkeeper she would like to buy a chocolate bar for her mother. He selects a Cadbury's Dairy Milk for her. She seeks to pay with what she has, which, as it turns out, is a plastic coin, two buttons, a gumball-machine princess ring, and her last item, taken out with reluctance and lingered on painfully before placing it on the counter, her precious little unicorn figurine.

The shopkeeper shrewdly accepts her bargain, swipes away her treasures, and gives her the bar. As she is about to leave he says, “Your change.” and returns to her the unicorn he knows tore her up to part with. The little girl is very pleased with the deal. She leaves the store and gives the bar to her overworked mother. “Happy Birthday, Mom.” The shopkeeper sees the mother and daughter embrace and life moves on. The line, “There's a glass and a half in everyone.” Purists will know that the legacy marketing for Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar told us that there is a glass and a half of real milk inside every Dairy Milk bar, but with this story, the line becomes much larger than a product description. It now becomes a description of the type of person the product represents. The ‘glass and a half full’ type of person. The hardworking mom is one. The appreciative and thoughtful daughter is one. The sympathetic, pay-it-forward shopkeeper is one. And presumably, everyone at Cadbury is one. An absolutely stellar job of expressing brand values in my book. I wish I had done it. And I don't say that often.

Watch the full spot here.

Written by Shane Hutton, Co-Founder and ECD of Arcana Academy.

Arcana Academy is an independently-owned advertising agency located in Los Angeles, California.

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