Monday, April 1st 2019

Apr 01, 2019

The Brands that tried to April fool you.

Jessica Darke, Producer

Whelp, its April Fool's Day and you know what that means? Brands throw up some hail marry content to try and create a bit of viral buzz. Below is a quick run-down of some of our favorites.

Duolingo: This two-minute piece leverages the Duolingo push notifications memes circulating on Reddit and takes them to a whole new level to encourage users to keep learning that new language even if you need that extra push.

Soda Stream: Astronaut Scott Kelly was tired of the excessive Co2 levels during his out of this world missions. He decided to take this inconvenience and help his fellow man grounded earth side to not only keep hydrated but also burn off some of those extra Co2 levels.

Halo Top: With the help of celebrity makeup artist and Instagram influencer Patrick Ta, Halo Top Ice Cream is now introducing their very own line of edible ice cream facemasks that promise to exfoliate, nourish, and rehydrate your skin.

Other Examples Include:

Glasses USA: Survival RX Glasses. No thanks, I don't need a Swiss Army Knife in my glasses… said no one ever.

Honda: It's time to lose all those bells and whistles of today. The Honda PastPort brings back your favorite auto amenities of the 90s.

WestJet: Flyer Festival. Not to be confused with Fyre Festival, this experience is 30,000 ft above ground and sure to take off.

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