Friday, March 15th 2019

Mar 15, 2019

The Symbolism of Saint Patrick's Day

Jessica Darke, Producer

The symbolism of Saint Patrick's Day breaks down to four key elements: prosperity, belief, luck, and a positive outlook.

Prosperity: The Pot of Gold

The proverbial pot of gold is our own freedom to pursue financial success at the end of a long and sometimes frightful road. Best to be drunk on this quest.

Belief in the supernatural: The Leprechaun

The belief in small people, spirit guides, and sentient advice from those unknown sources boils down to belief, belief in the synchronicity of seeing a stranger and following them to the next juncture in your journey. Best to be drunk when you encounter your guide.

Luck. The Four Leaf Clover

Good old fashioned luck and an excuse to lay in the grass and roll around for hours. The four leaf clover symbolizes our ability to see how green the grass is right beneath our very feet. Best to be drunk when looking and stumbling on good fortune.

Positive Outlook: Rainbows

Sometimes we get poured on, we get drenched, metaphorically and literally, we are soaked to the bones. The rainbow reminds us that there is beauty in the storm. Best to be drunk at the first clap of thunder.

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