Thursday, March 7th 2019

Mar 07, 2019

Let's Marie Kondo the Office. Please.

Jessica Darke, Producer

The declutter trend has taken over our homes and our closets, this is my call to bring it to the office place. Let's tackle the paper, the piles, and the files of jobs long forgotten.

We can create space to spark joy, creativity, and additional revenue streams. Please. Is that how it works Marie Kondo?

We can start with our desk drawers. Identifying all the things that are no longer necessary but are stuffed into the realms of the out of sight, thus out of mind. We can clear out the crumbs from that late night crush session and the business cards from a mixer 5 years ago. We can make space for new connections, bright ideas, and unexpected prosperity.

For all the paper items that contain useful information, we should organize them, photograph them, and archive them electronically with searchable file naming conventions. We should then parade the piles of paper to the dumpster and with a sigh, toss them into the depths of "what was past," opening ourselves for what's to come next.

This is my call to purge the office place of empty boxes, superfluous office supplies, junk mail, and irrelevant piles of papers.

It is my personal belief that few things spark more joy than a well organized folder, sorted by date and client, organized into electronic boxes that are clearly organized and contain only items of one type ( i.e. estimates, director treatments, vendor invoices, etc.). This system allows me to fall in love with my files and as Marie says, gives me a "hit of joy!". Yes, joy, that marvelous serotonin booster.

Let' Marie Kondo the Office. Please.

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