Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Feb 05, 2019

Three Brands that Left a Big Impression.

Jessica Darke, Producer

We spent one week in Dallas, TX on location for a shoot. You know how it goes, work travel. Long days. Hotel air. Hotel bars. Long nights. Weird on-set food. Typical on-set stresses. And none of the creature comforts of home and routine. During the week, the following three Brands imprinted my heart with a big, Texas-size welcome.

SoulCycle The brain child of an ex-NFL star and an ex-dancer, Soul Cycle offers indoor cycle classes in 15 major cities across the United States. Soul Cycle is known for its high-quality instructors that are equal parts boot camp trainer and loving kindness gurus. Lucky for me, there was a Soul Cycle studio in the Uptown neighborhood near our hotel. These early morning sweat sessions provided a much needed break from the constant conversation that happened all around me and the stream-of-consciousness worrying that happened inside of my own mind.

If you haven’t been to a class, you owe it to yourself to try one.

Nick & Sam’s From the moment we walked into this Texas-sized steak house, we were immersed in the upbeat ambiance of playful conversation, the click-clank of bottles being opened and poured, the shuffle of plates and chairs, and a graceful movement throughout the space that reminded me of a musical.

Founded by Phil Ramano, Nick & Sam’s is the type of steak house you’d write into a movie, every aspect of the space curated to perfection.

We will definitely be back.

Lyft We decided to move into the modern era and travel sans rental car, relying just on ride shares. The speed and efficiency with which the rides arrived and communicated was vital to an on-time arrival. In direct comparison to its biggest competitor Uber, Lyft was a far and above better overall experience. The Lyft map software found our hidden studio location with ease compared to its competitor and all of our drivers were incredibly friendly and charming, sharing personal stories, local Dallas lore and history. To boot, it was ride-for-ride 25% or more cheaper than Uber.

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