Friday, January 11th 2019

Jan 11, 2019

A Handful of Wishes for 2019

Jessica Darke, Producer

January is that time of year, we think back on all the things we´ve done and all those we have yet to accomplish. Here at Arcana Academy, we have made it a tradition to write down and share our company ambitions, as well as personal goals, with each other.

Below is a select list of some of our target accomplishments.

1. Reduce dependence on single-use plastic
We started by purchasing re-useable flatware, glassware, and mugs, and have stepped up the charge by banning single-use plastics within the office. Even those of us reluctant to pick up a reusable mug, have started to embrace them. Is there truly a better place for that vinyl sticker than your reusable thermos? We didn´t think so. Need a sticker? We´re happy to send you one of ours.

2. Reading, Reading, Reading
This year, we launched an Arcana Academy book club. We will read a book each month of the year. And you know what they say about people who read more? That´s right, they buy more books, tend to be more successful, and are less prone to anxiety and depression. This year we plan to read westerns, science-fiction, non-fiction, and books with major motion pictures. Drop us an email if you´d like to join.

3. New Business
We´d all love to create great work for a new client. Particular categories of interest include, but are not limited to, whiskey, fishing, athletics, fantasy sports and entertainment, non-profits in particular those focused on education, and fashion and lifestyle. We´d also love to get into the now legal, green market. If you´re looking for creative, drop us a line.

4. Launch Balloon Brigade our Agency non-profit
For the past several years, the founders of Arcana Academy have developed a passion for the Ocean and in particular, ocean clean-up. Mylar balloons, in particular wreck havoc on marine life. Once Balloon Brigade is officially up and running, we´ll be able to organize entire fleets to collect ocean litter. Drop us an email if you´d like to join.

5. Enjoy more lunches in the sunshine
If you´re at all like we are, you eat too many meals in front of your computer. This year, we pledge to take a few minutes and sit outside on our beautiful Southern California patio, soak up some vitamin d, and enjoy good old fashion conversation.

Caveat: We may not always agree or endorse the opinions expressed on our blog. If something on our blog is polarizing, even if the management of Arcana Academy disagrees with it, we might leave it up. Then again we might not. We'll see how we feel.