Monday, March 26th 2018

Mar 26, 2018

The 3 Best OOH Ads in Los Angeles Right Now

Jessica Darke, Producer

Los Angeles is a driving city. We are overloaded with advertising content along our often stop-and-go commute. Based on the current freeway selection of billboards, we want to watch the following.

1. The Americans on FX
This billboard features the classic orange and blue color combination and a simple, sans serif font fully justified against the right and left. The R is flipped on its y-axis creating a perceived sense of motion. The designer included all the information in a clear hierarchy with the release date and the station tastefully included in the bottom right hand corner. 3.28 can't come soon enough. We are definitely going to tune into FX.
los angeles advertising billboard

3. Silicon Valley on HBO
This billboard nods to the frustration of streaming content. And the psychological pleasure when the show finally begins. A giant white field with a bold red font face gives the optically overwhelmed viewer an unquestionable, albeit blurry, focal point. Buffering. We will sit through you to get our hit of Silicon Valley. Now streaming on HBO.
los angeles advertising

4. Ready Player One by Warner Brothers
This billboard captures the essence of Ernest Cline's book by blending the futuristic haptic VR headset with the 1980's video-game aesthetic style. The billboard serves as an advertisement for the movie as well as a miniature maze full of easter eggs and teasers for all the fan boys and girls. We will definitely be at the theater 3/29. Thank you Spielberg for giving us a reason to return to the cinemas.
Los Angeles Advertising

Images from The Daily Billboard. Los Angeles.

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