Wednesday, March 7th 2018

Mar 07, 2018

Gamify Everything

Jessica Darke, Producer

It might sound crazy, but I like going into the office.

While work hard, play hard may have been the way to excel at both work and in life 10 years ago, the new ever-connected, always-on work climate makes it possible to combine elements of work and play into both "work time" and "play time."

At Arcana Acadamy, we turn everything into a game, from getting coffee on BIRDS, to picking the best sentence for a brochure based on a democratic submission and vote process, to sabering champagne, and rewarding banner development. We foster healthy competition and encourage each team member to toss their thoughts into the ring.

We are also known to have impromptu afternoon dance parties.

We make work fun and in turn, our team is more productive.

The team not only spends all day together tackling client challenges, but will regroup in the evening to accomplish missions, conquer quests and climb to new heights on a variety of multi-player games. We have all seen each other fall and we have all risen to the occasion and mastered the next level.

It is just that work while you play and play while you work state of mind that makes working at Arcana Academy a constant learning and growing experience. It also makes working with Arcana Academy enjoyable. And who doesn't want to have a little more fun making power points or pivot tables? We don't know them either.

Arcana Academy BIRDIN' along Venice Beach, Los Angeles from Arcana Academy on Vimeo.


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