[ahr-key-nuh] n. plural
  1. Great mysteries or secrets.
  2. Specialized knowledge, language, or information accessible only to initiates.
  3. Powerful remedies.


[uh-kad-uh-mee] n.
  1. An institution of higher learning wherein special subjects or skills are taught.
  2. A society of learned persons organized to advance art, science, or literature.
  3. A body of established opinion widely accepted as authoritative in a particular field.

The Academy

Image of the Philosophers Stone. The Philosopher’s Stone. A secret substance long rumored to turn lead into gold. Many claim to have found the means of its manufacture, and for hundreds of years, a variety of formulae for its creation have been put forth. Despite this, none have offered definitive proof. Meanwhile, fortunes, and reputations, continue to be lost in the search.

Arcana Academy claims no such ability. In fact, we do not believe there is a magic formula that any client can use to create wealth and fame. That is why you will not find “Our Process” outlined on our website.

Each client is unique. So, it follows naturally that what works for one, might not work for another. Each client deserves its own Philosopher’s Stone. And it is our charge to discover exactly the formula required to turn your particular kind of lead into your particular kind of gold.

We stand to protect our clients from hawkers and snake oil salesmen. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Instead, each of our carefully curated clients gets a customized approach and the personal attention they require to achieve success on their own terms. Not ours.

Arcana Academy is an advertising, branding and marketing agency providing clients with branded content and strategies designed for any and all media channels, both traditional and new. From StumbleUpon to the Superbowl, we offer creative solutions to your business problems that excite and engage your desired market in order to achieve your business goals.

Arcana Academy’s collective experience spans the automotive, alcohol, fashion, consumer electronics, telecommunications, mattress, food and beverage, financial services, entertainment and charitable categories.